LindA Zacks - Title Art

Meet LindA Zacks, the creative spark behind Her work percolates from the tangible grime that is the oozy texture of New York City. It is about the cacophony of whooping sirens and grinding metal. Her words form a rhythmic Latin hustle, pimp struttin' with meaning and experiences, setting one up for that same sort of woozy swoon one feels when roaming the streets around Times Square. That's what it's like. If it's not cathartic, it's not in her artistic vocabulary.

Nothing is out of the question: old wood, torn paper, rusty metal, ink, duct tape or a scribbled-over Polaroid. Everything is an art supply. Her muses go beyond the big city. Recurring themes have sprouted: the wonders of being female, "America the strange," love & hate, family stories inspired by old photographs, and the twisting of traditional concepts such as beauty and war. It's wondrous, intoxicating, and completely bonkers. Zacks is all about the anxiety, adoration, filth, fear, and visceral energy of just being alive and aware, and that makes its way into each picture.

From afar, her paintings resemble collages: wonky-shaped outlines haphazardly lying on a shared space. Colors slide around and zing your eyeballs. But Zacks' signature is the way she scratches into the paint, leaving thread-thin swirls, streaks and etchings, desecrating its purity. Scarring it. Words words words are scrawled and stacked here and there; it's as if the painting is talking at you as you stare at it. And the textures—gloppy skid marks, bumpy nodules and crusty scabs smother the surface.

Zacks is a rare hybrid of gritty artist-illustrator and astute designer, having logged a decade in the corporate world. She graduated from Brown University in 1995, got caught up in the web boom, and then spent four years as the design director for In 2004, she became a creative free agent. Life's been interesting. Chosen as one of the artists for Target's campaign in the New Yorker, Zacks was given prime placement in the magazine. Other clients include eBay, Country Music Television, Columbia Records, FILA, and Jane Magazine. In addition, her work has been shown in shows worldwide, including a recent exhibition in Australia for the Semi-Permanent Conference and for the AIGA in San Francisco.

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